Exist, pursued by a bear

by Nim Chimpsky

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Gee: Guitar, vocals, bass
Chloe: Drums, keyboards, guitar, aural mangling


released March 5, 2016

All songs written and recorded by Nim Chimpsky at Funky Gibbon Towers



all rights reserved


Nim Chimpsky Coventry, UK

Girlx2, DIY, acerbic summat-pop.

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Track Name: Midnight's not when the Magic Ends
I'd rather rats than horses
And you can't carve a carriage
My fairy-godmother's trying to force me into marriage
It's a sin
These glass slippers
Oh they give me blisters
And I never had it in for my two step-sisters
Not a blessing, it's a curse
Oh it's just the worst
I'll wear the dress if you insist
But I don't wanna go out tonight
Dancing's not my thing
Old women always bothering me
No one ever judged Dorothy
For dissolving them all in acid

Midnight's not when the magic ends

Fairy-godmother love her, love her, love her
Even though she says you're ugly
Even though she says she's perfect
I tore my own dress up to teach you all a lesson
But it wasn't my timing that really caused the mess up
A ring, two rings
An altar made of flowers
She sings, she sings
Relentlessly of power
Dancing's not my thing
Everyone's always bothering me
Snow White she got off scott free for

Midnight's not when the magic ends
Track Name: Last Night I Dreamed (That I was a Tapeworm)
Last night I dreamed I wore a bear suit
Instead of white on my wedding day so you'd know
I was warm and cuddly
But I'd break you if you ever tried to hurt me

Last night I dreamed I was a giant
My trousers made of houses
And my shoulders where the clouds live
Everybody liked me
And nobody crossed me
Cause I could crush their puny bodies

Night time, won't you tell me baby what am I?
Won't you tell me baby where am I?

Last night I dreamed I was a tapeworm
Living in the bowels of the human race
Oh no! I would have thought if I'd have had a brain
But I was a tapeworm so I just crawled away

Last night I dreamed I was an artist
I hung out with Renaissance painters and my paintbrush
Raphael, Donatello, Leonardo
And at night we all fought crime

Night time, won't you tell me baby what am I?
Won't you tell me baby where am I?
Track Name: I Robot, You Jane
Nobody knows that I'm a robot
Everybody thinks that I'm alive

Lots of nuts and bolts and things are what you'll find inside of me
Two iron lungs and in between the cold, dead heart of a machine

But these nuts and bolts will rust and falter
Until I am catatonic
No rest, no sleep, no chance to dream

Nobody know, nobody knows, nobody knows
Because I don't tell them